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Lancaster New City Cavite

an expansive residential and commercial development spanning 1400 hectares in Cavite, Philippines, is renowned for providing a diverse range of affordable houses. The strategically located community, just 22km from the airport in Gen. Trias Cavite, encompasses a master-planned layout featuring residential properties, a vibrant commercial sector, a thriving business district, and BPOs.


Facing the challenge of promoting its diverse housing options and expanding the reach of its offerings, Lancaster New City Cavite initiated the 'Lancaster Lead Generation Network.' This innovative program aimed to harness the power of content creators in generating leads and enhancing digital marketing efforts.


  • Increase organic traffic to the Lancaster New City Cavite website.

  • Generate high-quality leads through engaging content and landing pages.

  • Encourage content creators to actively participate in the lead generation process.


The 'Lancaster Lead Generation Network' was designed as a contest for content creators seeking to monetize their skills. Participants were tasked with developing content or creating landing pages that effectively conveyed the unique features and advantages of Lancaster New City. The content served as a gateway for interested readers to fill out forms, expressing their desire to learn more about the residential options available.

Key Steps:

Content Creation

Entrants crafted engaging content, showcasing Lancaster New City's amenities, location advantages, and diverse housing options.

Landing pages

Some participants specialized in creating dedicated landing pages, optimized for conversion, to capture leads effectively.

Lead Validation

Rigorous validation processes ensured that each form submission met the criteria for a genuine lead.


Organic Traffic Surge

The implementation of the 'Lancaster Lead Generation Network' led to a significant surge in organic traffic to the Lancaster New City Cavite website, enhancing its online visibility.

Lead Dominance

Lancaster New City Cavite outshone other participants, securing the highest number of leads, reflecting the program's success in attracting potential homebuyers.

Grand Prize Winner

The remarkable success of the initiative earned Lancaster New City Cavite the coveted title of Grand Prize winner, reinforcing the effectiveness of the 'Lancaster Lead Generation Network' in achieving its objectives.

The 'Lancaster Lead Generation Network' emerged as a game-changer for Lancaster New City Cavite, effectively leveraging the creativity of content creators to drive organic traffic, secure high-quality leads, and ultimately position the development as a top choice for homebuyers. This case study highlights the importance of innovative marketing strategies in the real estate industry and showcases the potential for collaboration between developers and content creators in achieving mutual success.